Austin Woman magazine asked leaders across industries to share their experiences as black women in Austin and their thoughts on how the city can be more supportive of its black community. Recognized as a progressive leader by the magazine, Georgia Leggett Johnson, President of the Austin (TX) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, was among the women Austin Women magazine turned to for answers. Here is Georgia’s interview:

Austin Woman: Austin is one of the largest growing cities that has a dwindling black community. In light of that, what’s your vision for Austin in 2020 and how can the city be more supportive of its black community?

Georgia Leggett Johnson: My vision for Austin in 2020 is a blustering mecca of intellect and advanced technological capabilities to address the many and varied challenges common to cities that have grown at the rapid rate exhibited by the Austin metroplex area such as equal employment opportunities at all levels for all citizens; [a guarantee] that city contracts and services be awarded to women and minority-owned businesses; developing solutions to address the homeless population…by reducing barriers to resources through advocacy, education and service that includes education and job training, social services, health care and house;  improving the educational systems of our schools such that every child is afforded an equitable education that prepares them to become productive citizens [and finding] common ground between law enforcement and the minority communities by ensuring that diversity training and opportunities for all trainees to spend a certain amount of time learning, observing and interacting with citizens in all sectors of Austin.

AW: What’s something you’re really proud of accomplishing in your career in Austin?

GLJ: I am most proud of the fact that I served the children of Round Rock, Austin, Dallas and Huntsville, Texas as a teacher, counselor and principal for over forty years.  I have touched the lives of thousands of children who now are leaders in their own rights. It is rewarding to know that I made a difference in their lives in some small way.